Taksim 360


Investing and Buying Property in Istanbul

پروژه تاکسیم ۳۶۰ استانبول
Type: Luxury residential and commercial
Completion Date:   2021
Document status : Ready
Ability to obtain residency and citizenship:   Suitable

Taksim 360 housing project invites you to a rich life with residence and office options in Taksim which is the most attractive center of Istanbul. As the largest urban renewal project, it is realized in Taksim. It invites you to a glamorous life in the center of the city with shops and art galleries. Taking its place among the housing projects in Taksim, Taksim 360 has been awarded as the best urban renewal project in Europe. Taksim 360 is among the housing projects with LEED GOLD certification

The project which takes its place among Istanbul housing projects is realized as the largest mixed-use project of Istanbul on an area of 165.000 m², Apartments 918 ,

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