Mesa Chubuklu 28


Investing and Buying Property in Istanbul

پروژه مسا چوبوكلو ۲۸ استانبول
Type: Residential
Completion Date:   Ready
Document status : Ready
Ability to obtain residency and citizenship:   Suitable

Mesa Chubuklu 28 project is one of the remarkable real estate housing projects in Beykoz  , In Mesa Chubuklu, 28, a peaceful life that is presented inside the city is offered. The project is one of the real estate housing projects in Beykoz with spacious apartments, large balconies, and a carefully-designed story plan in every aspect of the house.

Its apartments on a land of 6.500 m²,Mesa Chubuklu 28 has options as one room 79  m²  , two room 130  m², tree room 216 m²  , four  room with garden duplex and four roofm duplex.

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