Firoze Konaklari


Investing and Buying Property in Istanbul

پروژه فیروزه کوناکلاری
Type: Residential and commercial
Completion Date:  
Document status :
Ability to obtain residency and citizenship:   Suitable

Firuze Konaklari which is located in Avcilar on the European Side of Istanbul and built by 3S Kale Holding, Firuze Konakları in Avcılar, a district famous for its greenery and closeness to the sea , Turquoise Houses invites you to live a privileged life at a comfortable distance from the chaotic city center. Yet, it is also close enough to it for those who enjoy the lively city vibes.

The project is built on 40.000 m² of land. The houses consist of 3 blocks, the houses consisting of 523 apartments have options as 2 + 1 and 3 + 1. One room 73 m², tow room 130 m²,tree room 174 m², four room 194 m².

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