Deniz Istanbul


Investing and Buying Property in Istanbul

پروژه دنیز استانبول
Type: Luxury residential
Completion Date:   Ready
Document status : Ready
Ability to obtain residency and citizenship:   Suitable

The Only Coastal Town of Istanbul, Deniz Istanbul is in a very special location where the sea meets the green. Deniz Istanbul is designed for natures bliss and greenery for your happiness. Marina is right next to you !West Istanbul Marina just in front of the seaside town of Deniz Istanbul; adds value to Deniz Istanbul with its 900-yatch capacity, cafe and restaurants. It is the time for awakening in your sailing and sea interests!

Marina Residence, Marina Houses , Sedef Houses, Mercan Houses. Our next step, Sedef   Mansions, which will enhance the value  of Deniz Istanbul, making its debut with the options of 3+1 and 4+1 flats, and 4+1 and 6+1 villa types. Marina Residence, the most recent residence project of Deniz Istanbul with the nearest location to the marina, incorporating brand new architectural elements, Marina Residence consists of 8 residences and 4 detached blocks. Offering a variety of apartments with a surface area ranging from 187 m2 to 338 m2, Marina Residence is covered with green spaces which comprise nearly 70% of the total area. Mercan Mansions , Family style life from 1+1 to 4+1 waits for you in low-rise Mercan Mansions with 2 apartments on every floor. With 5 different types of villas, a special concept which enables you to see the sea as far as you might, and offers you a life far beyond your expectations.

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