Camleyaka Konaklari

Camleyaka konaklari

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Camleyaka konaklari
Type: Residential
Completion Date:   Ready
Document status : Ready
Ability to obtain residency and citizenship:   Suitable

The Camleyaka konaklari project is located in the heart of the Cham forests in the pristine nature of the Chakmeh koy neighborhood and despite using the most modern and best equipment in the world, it brings you the experience of living in the tranquility of nature and the forest. This unique complex, both in terms of structure and strength of the project land and in terms of exceptional geographical location, is located in one of the best and greenest and so-called oxygen-rich neighborhoods of the city in the Asian part.

Camleyaka konaklari residential project is built on an area of 19,000 square meters, consisting of 75 apartments in 11 blocks the blocks are designed as 4 floors. The project has 11 commercial units, shops and 61 luxury units, including two to five bedrooms. Be. Residential units include two bedrooms from 169 to 189 square meters, three bedrooms from 180 to 204 square meters, four bedrooms from 276 to 351 square meters, five bedrooms from 302.5 to 332 square meters.

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