Study Permit

Study Permit

Targeted Immigration

Higher Education, this is one of the top reasons people immigrate, especially the younger ones are to pursue higher education in a field that can be not available in their country, or better universities are available abroad. Once you move to study many times, they enjoy better their new place and extend their stay indefinitely .In some situations, graduated students are eventually eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Before applying for a study permit, you must have been accepted at a recognized school, university or college. Work and Study at the Same Time, Being a full-time student with a valid study permit, may allow you to work either on-campus or off-campus.

International students will need to check carefully whether they need a visa to enter another country and In general, ,here is our list of reasons to study abroad,

  1. as we said before ,It will look good on your cv
  2. study and learn differently often those studying will experience a completely new wayof teaching .this can be daunting but it will also open your mind to new ways of learning,
  3. Increase your international job prospects even if you return home or decide to work elsewhere ,the international expereince provided by studying abroad is likely to be looked on favorably by employers,
  4. it is an unforgettsble experience .All students from countries outside need to have a residence permit to study in another country and each country have different rules about student visa.

So for more information about student visa you can contact to our consultants.