Science Based Projects

Science Based Projects

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Industry and Trade play a significant role in the countries development, and also international trade development; Commercial and Industrial activities are nowadays more dependent on science-based activities than before, and the role of research and development in the growth of industry and trade, and economic growth are clear to everyone; Therefore, many productive and industrial companies aim at their commercial development through science-based companies, or they directly want to move toward research and development; However, what unfortunately has prevented science-based companies from activity, and has led to stop in the implementation stage of many science-based projects that usually have also excellent technical and economic explanatory studies, is lack of working and physical capital for projects implementation.

Having a precise and expertized recognition of the projects in this field, Cobalt Consultants Complex Investment Team accompanies project managers as a valid consultant in marketing for finding investors interested in industrial and science-based projects.

Having the best experts and specialists in this field, we are capable of prepare your science-based projects and ideas for attraction of domestic investors. Examination and standardization of your technical, legal, and administrative documents and credentials would also be performed by our consultants.