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The world today is rapidly growing and progressing in the field of urbanization, and the lifestyle of human beings everywhere in the world is moving towards modernity and a lifestyle of luxury. This is why people are looking to change their lifestyle in terms of relocation and even the style of construction and architecture and interior decoration of the houses they need to live in, and construction companies and real estate companies are looking to offer peoples favorite and modern homes. Today very large real estate companies around the world are providing the best service to home and property buyers. Today government support for the housing and real estate market, as well as encouraging foreign investors and buyers of real estate and granting short-term and long-term residences and even granting citizenship to property buyers, has made this topic an attractive topic for citizens. Existence of very diverse projects Luxury and modern and even projects with different concepts such as office house or multi-purpose business have attracted those interested in investing in this type of project. Pre-sale of modern projects under construction, the document of which is ready for delivery before the completion and delivery of the unit. Another reason for the interest of investors in this sector is to achieve a safe and low-risk profit in such projects.

Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for investing in real estate. By reducing the amount of investment from one million dollars to 250,000 US dollars in the field of real estate and buying real estate, it will grant Turkish citizenship and pass the country’s passport to property buyers. Therefore, in Turkey, we see a large presence of foreign investors to buy property and obtain citizenship.

Coballt Immigration Group is ready to provide you with the best services by having a professional real estate team and also cooperating with more than dozens of suitable projects for obtaining citizenship throughout Turkey, especially in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya. We will be with you from the beginning of your decision to invest in real estate in Turkey until you acquire Turkish citizenship