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As you know, energy today is one of the major concerns of the international community and people around the world. The existence of vast fossil energy resources such as oil and gas around the world and the discovery and extraction of these resources show the tremendous strategic importance of this sector in human history in all parts of the world. Investment in this sector, however, is always monopolized by governments but today, the private sector has a very colorful role in entering the field of exploration, exploitation and extraction of these huge energy resources and even the construction and maintenance of various thermal power plants, combined cycle and refineries to produce various oil and gas products.

Today, the technology of construction and operation, as well as the development and maintenance of such projects requires knowledge, expertise and very high costs for countries.

 Therefore, the Investment Group of the International Coballt  consulting  group  using the knowledge and experience of its consultants and specialized team of partners, intends to provide the best world-class consulting services to investors in this field to participate and develop their projects. .