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Unfortunately, depleting the huge sources of fossil energy in the close future caused by overusing this valuable source in power generation has raised a global concern about providing power needs of the next generations which has been recently seen as a challenge by governments and international organizations. In result of the global community attempts in order to find an alternative way of power generation, the industry of Green Energy including wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal and tidal energy, has been invented and developed worldwide which means the fossil energy source will be hopefully unneeded in future.

Nowadays, the countries attempt interactively to outstand and progress technologically and technically in the fields of construction, operation and development of renewable and non-renewable energy sources and it caused the establishment of many science based and private companies in this industry which benefit from the knowledge and expertise of scientists and engineers of this field. Obviously, the investors are also interested in this area and tend to invest on green energy projects, especially since the governments and the international organizations support such projects financially and legally.

The governments as well are trying to encourage the investors to invest on green energy projects especially solar and wind energy projects by guarantying the purchase of the electricity generated in these plants. High profitability, short-term and long-term guaranteed investment and short period of investment return in such projects have increased the interest in investment on this field.

Coballt Consulting Group (CCG), experienced in green energy projects specifically solar and wind power plants, is willing to accompany investors who are interested in this field. For more information, you can contact our consultants.