Investment in Construction

Investment in Construction

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Nowadays, one of the greatest and most important components of development in any country throughout the world is regarding reconstructive substructures in cities and villages. Therefore, many governments try to devote great budgets to the reconstruction and construction part. Population increase and physical development in cities, and also immigration from village to town, and besides, renovation of the worn-out texture of houses in towns and villages are among those cases which have made many countries concentrate on construction. Construction of residential projects, bridge, dike, ground, rail, marine, and air transfer substructures all need domestic and foreign investment attraction. Budget supply just by the governments is not enough for so many projects, therefore, there is the need for participation of the companies, private sector, and individuals in the field of investment more than before. Because of this, having enough knowledge and expertise for entering such participations named Public Private Participation (PPP) is of great importance.

Having an experienced and expert team in the field of investment in construction projects, Cobalt Consultants Team Investment Department provides this possibility for all investors in the private sector and even project managers to find the most suitable commercial associate for themselves, and present all services needed for a professional participation in construction projects.

Cobalt Consultants Team Services

Services vary from provision of technical and economic explanatory plans to regulation and holding specialized contracts in the investment field, such as EPCF; EPC; BOLT; JV BOT contracts, and also assistance in financial support of the projects in the investment field including finance and refinance.

In order to benefit from services of the investment field in construction part, you could consult our specialized team, and also make use of our help in the project implementation phase.