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Benefiting the latest knowledge and expertise of the world and using the experts experienced in international investment, Coballt Group’s Investment Department is willing to accompany investors and investees with its own professional services.

Relying on our partnership with international banks and financial institutions, we can ensure our clients to promptly access the trustable financial sources.

Recognizing and evaluation of potential investment projects is ranged but not limited to the list below:

  • Construction
  • Fossil Energy Sources/Fuel (Oil & Gas)
  • Clean Energy (Wind & Solar)
  • Urban Development (Residential, Business and Sport complexes)
  • Urban Entertainment (Aqua and Luna Parks)
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Power Generation (Combined Cycle Power Plants)
  • Transportation (Land, Sea and Air)
  • IT & Science Based Projects (Robotics)

Coballt Consulting Group (CCG) roles as a trustable partner accompanying investors and investees towards their goals, providing them professional services including but not limited to recognition of the potential investment projects, technical and economic analysis and preparation of preliminary feasibility study (PFS) and feasibility study (FS).

Our experts in the investment marketing team make sure to provide the best services in order that investors, investment project owners, technical and technological scientist, and finance providers reach the most suitable commercial partners.

CCG has been honored to make its customers’ projects successful and profitable in an ideal and prompt way. For more details on investment process and to benefit from our professional services, you can contact us.

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