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Sometimes business can take you out of your home country. New opportunities can often be found overseas, and the ambitious entrepreneur shouldn’t be afraid of growing beyond their own borders. However, conducting business with people from other cultures means being aware of how they do things differently. Transit is a customs procedure that allows for the transport of goods within the customs territory. Transit is moving goods from a country to another country, between two internal customs and Goods in transit refers to merchandise and other types of inventory that have left the shipping dock of the seller, but not yet reached the receiving dock of the buyer. The concept is used to indicate whether the buyer or seller of goods has taken possession, and who is paying for transport.

Insurance of goods in transport is property insurance of goods being transported, goods in the warehouse waiting for further shipment. The insurance covers all damage caused by physical loss and damage to goods in international or domestic transport. The goods are secured from all transport risks, plus an additional premium for insurance against specific risks fracture, leakage, malfunction. The insurance can be concluded individually, for each completed transport, or according to the general policy for all services performed during the period covered by the contract. For the insurance of goods in international transport, a contract for the international purchase and sale of goods is used as based. Transport goods are insured against the risk of loss, destruction or damage due to unforeseen, external risk factors. Goods, regardless of the means of transport, are subject to a transport relationship or its type, throughout the journey to the destination, exposed to a range of different risks that may cause damage to it, in the worst case, complete loss. Goods insurance is the only instrument that provides full compensation in case of damage or alienation of goods during transport. Agent Plus recommends insurance of goods in transport from all risks and offers very favorable premiums for All Risk Insurance to its clients. Goods in transport can be insuring from.

all risks – by clause all transport risks,  Institute Cargo Clauses (A),Individual risk by clause Institutional Clauses (B),Individual risk by clause Institutional Clauses (C),Supplementary risks of the Institutional clause for the insurance of goods against war risks / In addition to Insurance A, B, C. Supplementary risks of the Institutional Clause for Insurance against Strike Risk / Additionally to Insurance A, B, C.The only way to ensure goods and protect / importer / exporter of the goods as the owner is  to insurance goods in transport. Like all other insurance and insurance services, you pay this insurance through the insurance premium. The risk premium is usually calculated depending on the value of goods, the type of goods, as well as the relation and the means of transport used and other specific risks.