Business and Professional Meetings

برگزاری نشست ها و جلسات حرفه ای

Business and professional meetings are a part of the communication climate of any business. The specific goal for the specific meeting will clearly relate to the overall goal of the group or committee .If you are the person responsible for the room reservation, confirm the reservation a week before the meeting and again the day before the meeting. Redundancy in the confirmation process can help eliminate double-booking a room, where two meetings are scheduled at the same time. If technology is required at the meeting, such as a microphone, conference telephone, or laptop and projector, make sure you confirm their reservation at the same time as you confirm the meeting room reservation.

Always personally inspect the room and test these systems prior to the meeting. Using Technology to Facilitate Meetings ,given the widespread availability and increasingly low cost of electronic communication, technologies that once served to bring people together across continents and time zones are now also serving people in the same geographic area.  It is important to be aware of the dimensions of nonverbal communication that are lost in a virtual meeting compared to an in-person meeting.

Nevertheless, these technologies are a boon to today’s business organizations, and knowing how to use them is a key skill for all job seekers.

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