Event Management

Event Management

Holding Specialized Courses, Seminars

Conference, meeting, assembly, conference, congress

مدیر رویداد

Bringing people together in a face-to-face situation to exchange ideas and information. Spreading the word about your event can be time consuming and costly. We have extensive experience at using a variety of different mediums, which we can use to help promote your event to your audience, including; websites, social media and marketing campaigns. There are main types of events we cover in this sector:

Conferences – In which people confer, exchange views, convey messages, open debates or even shed light on areas of opinion on a specific issue.

Meetings – Gatherings that bring people together to allow them to learn from one another, understand what is meant to be achieved and observe what superiors are planning.

Convention That usually combines a few different types of events, i.e. a Comic Convention is a tradeshow and a congress.

Corporate event – Many believe in general there are two bodies that host corporate events, these are; corporations and associations.

Congress – Gathering of large groups of people, usually to converse over a particular subject. A congress can take several days to complete and can play host of multiple sessions.