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بهزاد خویی

Dr. Behzad Khoie

Chairman of Board

بهزاد خوییBehzad Khoie has more than 15 years of senior executive and management experience in variant legal services. As a passionate entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Coballt Consulting Group (CCG), he plays a significant role in creating shared values and motivational team sprit for CCG employees and partners. Prior to CCG, he has served as Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in Legal Affairs, Arbitration, Investment Law, International Commercial Contracts, Cross Border Litigation and Immigration Law. Behzad had several executive roles in local and multinational organizations and centers such as KSP, ICC Iranian National Committee, ACIC, TRAC, ISTAC, Urmia Chamber of Commerce and Urmia Municipality as an Arbitrator & Legal Director. Behzad earned Bachelor of LAW from Urmia University as well as Master and Ph.D. of International LAW from AZAD University of Tehran, Iran.



Bardia Eshghi

Bardia Eshghi

Financial and Risk Manager

Bardia Eshghi

Bardia Eshghi, with more than eight years of experience at working and researching on various economics fields, stock markets, foreign exchange (FX) markets, and financial services, shares his valuable expertise with Cobalt Consulting Group at the Risk Management and Financing department.He has received his bachelor’s degree, in economics and western European history, at the University of California, Davis, in the States, and his master’s degree, in economics and finance, from Bogazici University, in Turkey.

Bardia Eshghi’s specialization includes macroeconomics, microeconomics, the central bank’s functionality, and the financial markets. Moreover, his breadth of knowledge also extends to investment in debt instruments, derivatives, and the foreign exchange market.He complements his education at the classical American school of economical thought with the modern of twist of being apt at data analytical and investment software packages, such as, Bloomberg Terminal, EViews, Stata, and R.Bardia Eshghi is fluent in bilingual in Persian and English and can converse in Italian.

E.Mail: bardia.eshghi@coballtconsulting.com

سونیا اسماعیلی

Soniya Esmaeili

Art and Design Manager

سونیا اسماعیلیSoniya Esmaeili, as a highly organized and meticulous administrative expert, owns more than 10 years’ experience in corporate office management and graphic design segments. Soniya is a good communicator and planner with strong judgment and critical thinking abilities. Sha has led various creative design projects for several companies such as RGP Co., ILMAN Investment Service Co., FOODLAND, ARAZPETRO Co. and YENOPLAST International Group. Soniya holds Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Science and Technology in Urmia, Iran.

E.Mail: sonia.esmaeili@coballtconsulting.com

Ali Kale

Ali Kale

Legal and ADR Manager

Ali KaleAli Kale was born in Denizli Turkey. He graduated in the field of Law from Marmara University, Faculty of Law between 2008-2012. Ali is a well-known lawyer located in Istanbul, Turkey and owns more than 10 years experience in the fields of Labor Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Contract Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law. He has excellent knowledge in field of ADR specially in international commercial arbitration. He worked as a lawyer in house in some international law firms in Istanbul such as  Mert Van Attorneys at Law and Consulting Office, which is active in the variant fields of legal services for different industries. He is Co-founder of Lexhukuk Law firm as well as expert advisor for several commercial companies in Turkey and Europe.

E. Mail: ali.kale@coballtconsulting.com


DR. Bahram Shakiba


– DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)
– MBA (Master of Business Administration
– Certificate of Project Management Instructor
– Certificate of Project Management Maturity Assessor
Experiences (Academic, Instructing & Coaching):
– Dean of Management School in American College of Management
– Visiting Professor of Management in Zibo Vocational School China
– Tutor of Heriot Watt University, EBS (Edinburgh Business School) MBA, MSC
Strategic Management, MSC Human Resource Management & MSC
– Instructor of PMI Standards
– Coach & Mentor of Managerial & Leadership Competencies
Experiences (Management Consulting):
in both Public & Private sectors in a variety of industries including:
– Ministry of Economic Affairs and Tax office
– Car Manufacturing Industries
– Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries
– Steal Mines & Mills industries
– Chemical & Detergent Industries
– Financial Markets & Stock Exchange
– Education Industry


Romina Hemati

IT and Web Design Manager

Romina Hamati has more than 14 years of experience in the field of site design, SEO and internet marketing. He holds a degree in Tourism Management and has implemented more than 70 websites internationally. He has been a member of the Cobalt Consulting Group in the IT department for three years. Their abilities and valuable experiences have led to the expansion of effective cobalt team communications in cyberspace.
Ms. Hamati is also a member of the IT team of Samaneh Gostaran Rooz Company and designs and manages several websites. In addition to site design knowledge, he has entered the field of coaching and has an international ACTP certificate and uses business coaching in line with organizational goals intelligently.


E. Mail: Rominahemati@coballtconsulting.com

Ayda Rashidi

Ayda Rashidi

Investment Manager

Ayda Rashidi

Aida Rashidi, who has worked as Contract Administrator for more than 8 years, is skilled and experienced in areas including drafting international commercial contracts, contractual negotiation, feasibility study of investment projects based on BOO, BOT, and EPCF methods, financial model formation and IRR estimation, procurement, international shipment based on INCOTERMS, tenders and marketing development. Negotiation and interaction with European companies such as Ansaldo, Siemens and General Electrics has been a part of her experience as well. She is certificated in Energy Law and Contracts Law by one of the best universities in Turkey. Being fluent in three languages (Persian, English and Turkish) has widen her communicational area.

The most important projects in which she has been involved as Contract Expert are listed as below:

  • HERIS 1000 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant valued 650 million Euros – BOO
  • ANDIMESHK 1000 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant valued 590 million Euros – BOO
  • NEKA-DAMGHAN Gas Pipeline valued 300 million USD – EPCF
  • RASHT Water Treatment Plant valued 67 million USD – BOT
  • BANDRABBAS Water Desalination Plant valued 204 million USD – BOO

E. Mail: Aida.rashidi@coballtconsulting.com


دکتر داوود ندیم

Dr. Davoud Nadim


دکتر داوود ندیمAs Investment Director of Julfa special economic zone from 1997 to 2004, Dr. Nadim led $ domestic and foreign investment and improvement of the region in less than 7 years to ARAS free trade zone. He was Investment Manager of Tabriz Municipality from 2006 to 2014 with $ domestic and foreign joint venture investment contracts which positioned Tabriz city for Iran’s #1 major city for 5 years. Dr. Nadim developed the first Investment Approach for municipalities in Tabriz in 2006 which was communicated by Ministry of Interior to the whole cities in Iran. He is the Co-Founder of first Investment School and comprehensive investment website in Iran and had valuable experiences in variant roles such as:
Chairman of the Investment Committee of WSM (World Summit of Mayors) in 65 countries.
Member of the board of Metropolitan Cities’ Investment Committee in Iran from 2006 to 2015

E. Mail: davood.nadim@coballtconsulting.com

Gurcan Mercan

Gurcan Mercan

International Trade & Marketing

As presideGurcan Mercannt of Almer Foreign Trade and member of board of ANCAN Foreign & Domestic Trade LTD, Mr. Mercan has posed himself as one of the well-known entrepreneurs and expert senior executives, in international trade and marketing segment, in Turkey & Middle East. Providing comprehensive consultancy on international marketing, branding, advertising and applying variety of specialized domestic and international sales techniques, are the core expertise of Mr. Mercan.

E.Mail: gurcan.mercan@coballtconsulting.com

Ayse Burcu Arslan

Ayse Burcu Arslan

Risk Management & Finance

Ayse Burcu ArslanAs an industry consultant, entrepreneur, and a professional manager, Ayse Burcu Arslan has worked in the field of ‘International Receivables Management ‘since 2007. Ayse earned B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University Istanbul, Turkey as well as Master’s degree in Organizational Studies from the University of Tilburg in Netherlands. After recognizing the need of multinational corporates for debt collection and credit risk management in Istanbul, Ayse decided to found her consulting business, ARS Consultancy, in Istanbul. ARS Consultancy is pioneered in the field of international debt collection in Turkey with the brand of ARSinkaso® as well as helps several multinational companies across the world. Ayse is a famous speaker at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), international conferences and several seminars worldwide. Ayse Burcu Arslan continues to give collection trainings to Associations, Unions and also private companies with the main focus on negotiation, mediation, confliction resolution, and persuasion skills in debt collection.

E.Mail: ayse.burcu@coballtconsulting.com